Meet Corina

Corina ShadI am a licenced  massage therapist and certified “Awakening to Presence Coach”. I am continuing to be in training for both my personal awakening and professional development.

I bring with me a deep love and understanding for the human being. I listen to the client’s body through my hands as well as to the whole person through my presence. This enables me to detect the painful and often hidden, bothersome areas in a client’s body and through sensitive manipulation help the muscles to let go of their tensions and trigger points. The methods I use may include myofascial release or stretching, trigger point therapy, deep friction, petrissage or isometric and reciprocal stretching. Additionally, if a client chooses to do so, I offer working with the body/mind connection and support clients to uncover underlying reasons for blockage of energy flow, stress, chronic pain or illness.

I have been working with people in a holistic and therapeutic way for nearly three decades, having lived and worked in residential communities for children and adults with special needs. While working with this population I have studied and worked directly with developmental psychology, physiology and pathology and collaborated with groups of therapists and doctors.

I graduated from the Dorion School of Music Therapy and worked as a music therapist and music teacher at Camphill Special Schools for many years. It was then and through my own path towards health that my passion for studying and working with the human organism and psyche grew and I decided to join the “Awakening to Presence Training” developed  by Michael Fleming and subsequently a therapeutic massage training to further deepen my knowledge of anatomy and body work.

It is my mission to support individuals on their path towards physical and emotional health and personal awakening by being present with them through Massage and Bodywork, Energy Work, Active Listening, various methods of Inquiry and/or Emotional Process Work – whichever method of support the client chooses and seems appropriate in the moment.