Integrative Mind and Body Work

integratvie_300x100Clients frequently ask about the reasons for tightness and muscular pain. It is not only through injuries or postural and occupational habits, but also through thought and habit patterns,  physical and emotional reactions, beliefs and attitudes that the body grows and responds in certain ways.

One only has to imagine how the body bends or shrinks back when reacting to e.g. being frightened or overwhelmed. And when this happens over and over again it is easy to imagine that the body will tend to stay that way more and more permanently. Every structure in the body is connected to another by the three-dimensional web of fascia. Connective tissue becomes shortened following a fall, whiplash, surgery, or emotional trauma and progressively tightens over time if left untreated.This causes pain and decreased mobility, eventually resulting in faulty mechanics and altered structural alignment in the body. It can also affect organ systems and may result in aches and pain and dysfunction that may not otherwise be diagnosed or detected.

It is possible to not only work with the bodily structures and help the physical re-alignment through various methods of bodywork, but also to access the underlying non physical causes that are stored in the body. Just like it is easy to see  that the body grown in the direction of habitual reaction patterns, it can be understood that when working on those areas and the tissue releases the original experiences of why the body was reacting are also released. When both client and practitioner have their focused awareness on the area of the body that’s being worked on and the client can allow whatever pain, memories or emotion to arise and be released. As “Awakening to Presence Coach” I am trained to support the client in allowing, debriefing and investigating the material that arises. This may lead to a deeper understanding and a more permanent shift of the systemic dysfunction. The physical problem is less likely to recur once the underlying cause is accessed, understood and processed.