Holistic Therapeutic Massage

holistic therapeutic massageAs the word implies, Holistic Massage Therapy takes into account the whole – it does not just look to treat the symptoms but aims to work with the cause and to help the organism return to its inherent homeostasis. Every part of the body  is connected to another through an intricate system of fascia or connective tissue. Therefore the cause for pain, tension or postural deviation in one area of the body may be found in a completely different area, deeming it necessary to always take into account the whole system.

The word therapeutic means to treat or cure what is out of balance. Therapeutic massage goes beyond the overall relaxation and stress reduction but works to reestablish lost or compromised function or range of motion, soft tissue damage, muscular and joint dysfunctions and complaints such as back and neck pain, sciatica, thoracic outlet or carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff and hip injuries and pain, headaches, etc.

No two massage sessions are ever the same. Techniques and sequence are based on what presents itself in the moment in terms of symptoms, the client’s disposition and diagnostic findings. I combine the basic Swedish strokes with more involved techniques such as Myofascial and Neuromuscular work,  depending on the therapeutic needs and response of the individual.

Depending on the diagnostic findings it is most often necessary to receive a sequence of repeated massage sessions as part of a treatment plan in order to alleviate specific problems or resolve overall tension patterns. Receiving regular massage can address specific postural problems and dysfunction, relieve muscle tension and pain, reduce scar tissue and promote health and well being in body and soul. However, even having a massage every now and then will be a rejuvenating and health bringing experience.