Upcoming Ongoing Class, beginning August 31st, 2022:

“Release, Relax, Reset, Rejuvinate”

Wednesdays at 8:30 am at “Mosaic Place” in Glenmoore, PA

[no class September 21st and 28th and October 19th]

Learn simple methods for Stress Release, Nervous System Reset, and Body Centered Mindfulness. We will be working with awareness exercises though our own nervous systems in connection with nature, breathing and somatic stretching exercises by the waterfall, and walking meditation in the labyrinth. We will be inside our beautiful hall in case of rain or excessive heat. Please wear comfortable clothing and sun protection as needed. For more information and to sign up, please download the flyer:


Upcoming Workshop Series in Novemver and December 2022:

“Liberating ourselves from the Inner Judge/Critic”

Saturday, November 12th and Sunday, November 13th 9 am – 6 pm

Please download the flyer:

[Please contact Corina at 484 798 7397 or for inquiries]


Some examples of workshops and classes:

1.”Book Club”

Experiential Study of Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”

Dates and times to be determined by group that is forming

Via Zoom or in person

Ten week immersion class. We will be studying one chapter a week and share questions, highlights and insights. Corina will lead you in exercises to experience and work with what the author speaks about in his book and support you in going from the chatter of the mind through the inner body towards increasingly living in the present moment.

[The first group has finished their 4th book immersion study and have found their work together to be of valuable support over the year we ave been meeting together.]

Download the Flyer from the last class:

Another Book two groups have deeply and successfully worked with is “Soul without Shame – A Guide to liberating Yourself from the Judge within” by Byron Brown.

!!! Stay Tuned! New Book Immersion Group forming for January 2023 !!! Please contact Corina with inquiries at 484 798 7397 or


Stay tuned for more upcoming workshops and classes:

Other Examples of Workshops:

No dates are set for right now, but please contact Corina if you are interested and in one or more of the followng themes or have a group you would like me to work with. Most can be adapted for a Zoom format. 

“Connect to your Inner Passion and Purpose – Create a Vision Board”


“Emotional Literacy” – Learn how to feel, release, understand, and not be run by emotions and experience  true Connection, Joy, Strength, and Vitality.


“Preverbal Sensory Motor Tension Patterns and how they Run the Show in Adult Life”

A workshop for movement, bodywork  and mental health practitioners, and anyone who wants to explore their tension patterns and emotional “baggage” that can be in the way of optimal health and self realization.



From Tension to Presence” – De-Stress, Breathe, Ground, Allow

Learn simple exercises to let go of tension, balance the Nervous System and ground deeply into your Body and Stillness.

This class can be held via Zoom. More details coming soon!


“Release Stress and Tension, Relax your Body, and Deepen your Presence” via Self Bodywork and Stretches

This class can be held via Zoom. Corina will teach you to use self bodywork tools for Self Myofascial Release and Trigger Point work and teach you simple stretches to relax into not only for flexibility, but also deepening body awareness and presence.


Contact Corina at 484 798 7397 or with any questions or interest in joining any of the above events or have a group of people that would be interested in