Awakening to Presence Coaching

integrative body work“Awakening to Presence Coaching” is like having a Personal Trainer for one’s body, mind and soul. It is an original approach developed by Michael Fleming incorporating various methods of inquiry, body awareness and movement exercises, bodywork and energy work.

Health is a balance of the body, mind and soul. This balance can be disturbed for different reasons, e.g. stress and/or environmental influences, past or present physical or emotional trauma, compromised or malfunctioning organ systems of the body, or even our own stressful thoughts and beliefs. True healing comes from within, when body and soul have the support and nourishment that they need to be in balance. Clients will receive support through the above methods and learn to develop the tools to deepen their own presence and skills in order to optimize their journey of personal growth and healing past stress and tension patterns that block optimal health and true unfolding.

The orientation of Awakening to Presence Coaching is the Present Moment or “being present” with what IS. It is not about fixing a problem or trying to make a situation better or different, but to be present with and curios about what is happening right in front of us or within us at any given time. It is is not about trying to change our surroundings and circumstances – although this may happen as a consequence – but to look deeply within ourselves through the vehicle of our body.

As we grow up we identify with our experiences, we believe that we are our reactions, our defenses and our story.  Believing that we are our story and being cut off from our true nature deeply within is what creates our suffering. We are the wide open awareness that is hidden underneath.

Often we are pulled in different directions by the demands of their outer lives and are stressed and overwhelmed by everything we have to accomplish. It is possible to find stillness, space and deep peace  in the midst of ones compacted, hectic lives by putting one’s attention back into the body, away from our busy minds. The body is the  gateway to the most sacred or divine –  a space within, a deeper knowing, our own true nature, it is the gateway to our deepest Self and the Secrets of the Universe. Whatever we long for or wish to be is already within us. Whatever we feel we might have lost is not gone, it is just not [yet] accessible to our everyday consciousness. Awakening to Presence is the adventure of finding access again to that which is deeply within us.

It is my mission to be truly present with each client and support them on their way towards physical and emotional health and the uncovering of who they truly are.

Sessions can be held privately in person, via skype, phone or remotely and also in group settings.